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HeavyWare™ is a company that will soon be unveiling an electronic catalog and store providing previously custom designed commercial construction products. The offerings will encompass the full matrix of molded, fabricated, ornamental, and structural products. Building components previously only available on a custom "plans & specs" basis will be available as stock items in an innovative online catalog.

We will be presenting pieces from dozens of manufacturers across the continent providing a choice of materials and designs previously unavailable from a single source. These pieces will most often be less expensive and available in less time than the traditional procurement process.

HeavyWare.com™ is a big supporter of open, industry-wide standards. Currently, we are involved in the aecXML Working Group, having been selected to chair the Catalogs Working Group. We see XML, and specifically aecXML, as the future of electronic communication in the A/E/C community. Our vision of the catalog is not limited to a single website, but extends into A/E/C portals and popular software packages on the desktops of A/E/C professionals everywhere. Our goal is to make our catalog available to all our customers, anywhere and everywhere.

We are blending our extensive background in commercial construction with an equally extensive background in internet technologies to deliver one of the most exciting design and procurement process improvements yet.

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