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Gary Aquatorium

On Lake Michigan in Marquette Park

Location: Gary, IN

Approximate Value: <$50,000

Scope: Field inspection and measurement of existing and furnishing various pieces to match existing.

Challenges: This was the 4th time in 20 years that Cary Concrete Products has provided restoration material there. One challenge was getting agreement on what needed to be replaced vs. repaired. We also had to figure out the internal structure of some blocks before removal. This structure, a bath house from the early 1900's, is noteworthy. It was among the first buildings to use modular precast concrete pieces. It used separate backup and face mixes unlike later cast stone such as Soldier Field. It used an unusual system of T-blocks. For more about the structure, go to or

Architect: Bauer Latoza Studio & Hitchcock Design Group

General Contractor: Gariup Construction Darren Demaree (219) 887-5233

Click a photo below for a larger version:

Gary Bathing Beach circa 1949Beach-facing side, circa 2010.  Differences in color between old and new pieces are particularly distinct, as this photo was taken before the older pieces of the building had been cleaned.  Photo credit <a href='' target=_new>'chicagogeek'</a>This is a Many areas were rebuilt and pieces were stockpiled and salvaged.The original surface was smooth but over the decades cement paste was removed by acidic moist air, so many pieces now are like exposed aggregate. The once-white marble chips have undergone permanent color change. It is impossible to exactly match this mix. There was a lot and back and forth to resolve certain scope details.