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Post Genomic Building

(Subsequently more formally named Institute for Genomic Biology)

Location: University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana

Approximate Value: $350,000

Scope: Furnish and install brick-clad chimneys, acid-washed stone-like cornice panels, and stone clad spandrels.

Challenges: Primary challenges were logistics, scheduling, and coordination. We came on board late, replacing a departed other precaster, the site was very tight and busy, the pieces were not contiguous, neither the GC nor mason were familiar with what they were expected to supply for the stone-clad pieces, and we started the job by raising serious issues about the adequacy of the parapet backup. Everything got resolved and the GC and architect were quite pleased with us

Architect: CUH2A - Peter Frisbie (312) 207-4232

General Contractor: Williams Brothers Construction - Joe Williams (309) 688-0416

Click a photo below for a larger version:

Detail at cornice and chimneySite is quite tight, with limited accessOne chimney panel is being lifted into place; others sit on truck awaiting their turnPanels clad with granite and limestone on truck